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Our Consultants are professionals in the Human Resources field with extensive, real-life field experience as well as professional certifications from the Society for Human Resource Management. Each brings the knowledge and skill necessary to resolve your specific issues or make your project as successful as possible.

Whether it's organizational development, interim staff needs, compliance audits, training or a need specific to your organization, Signet consultants are prepared to provide you quality service.

Organization Development

Interim Human Resource Staff

Policy, Procedures & Handbooks

Meeting Facilitation

Records and Compliance Audits

Human Resource Training & Certification Preparation

International Employee Transition

Mergers & Acquisitions

Seminars & Workshops

Consultant Information

Organization Development

Just as a sports team derives its strength through the skill, power and organization of its players, so too does a business organization realize one of its greatest strengths through its employees.

Through varied assessments, Signet will determine the state of your organization and your employees - the strengths as well as the opportunities for improvement in both.  Then, working closely with senior management, Signet will develop and present recommendations to maximize the potential of your employees and the organization as a whole. 

Properly executed, organizational development will improve effectiveness, productivity, return on investment and overall employee job satisfaction.

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Interim Human Resource Staff

Organizations often find that they need additional Human Resource help with special projects or to “fill in” when HR employees go on vacation or take a leave of absence.  Newer organizations may need someone with HR expertise to assist them with creating a solid HR infrastructure.

 Signet Group provides qualified HR professionals on a full- or part-time, interim or permanent basis.  We match the credentials of our experts with your specific HR needs.  Whether your organization needs the assistance of an HR generalist, a recruiter, a trainer, or a benefits specialist, Signet will provide the HR expertise to meet your requirements.

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Policy, Procedure and Handbooks

Our Human Resource professionals will assist you with the creation of effective policies and procedures, improving compliance with governmental regulations and facilitating employee understanding of performance and behavior expectations in the workplace.   By working closely with management, we apply our experience not only to ensure regulatory compliance of existing material but also to create, as needed, customized solutions that meet your specific business requirements.

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Meeting Facilitation

Do your meetings cost money, or make money?

Facilitating a meeting or project means thinking through and managing the how, what, when, who and why: enabling people to do their best thinking and make decisions with commitment, passion and enthusiasm.

We work with our clients to design and deliver outstanding meetings through a process that takes all of the people factors into account. We specialize in creative problem-solving, idea-generation sessions and decision-making.

Our certified facilitators help you get the results you need from meetings. In addition to careful pre-planning, meeting process design and superb facilitation, our facilitators bring years of senior-level business experience to every session they facilitate.

Signet has identified processes for virtually every meeting type, each one customizable to fit the exact situation and client requirement. During meetings, we consciously transfer facilitation skills to your people. Participants leave our meetings with the results they require, as well as a clear and effective meeting management model to begin using when they lead their own teams later.

Sample Meetings We Facilitate

·         Strategic Planning

·         Market Planning

·         Business Planning

·         Technology Portfolio Planning

·         Alliance Planning

·         Project Review

·         Process Improvement

·         Product Development

·         Product Launch

·         Needs Assessment

·         Issues Resolution

·         Action Planning

·         Focus Groups

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Records and Compliance Audits


Government loves acronyms.  These are just a few that affect Human Resources.  Indeed, government shows no indication of slowing down in its quest to regulate your obligations to and interactions with employees.  As such, complying with the above laws and more creates a substantial employer burden while non-compliance poses the potential of direct liability.

The best defense an employer can mount is a demonstrated, ongoing effort in good faith to comply with all legal requirements.  A step in that direction begins with a compliance audit and, if needed, a corrective action plan to bring noted deficiencies into compliance.

Signet can help you navigate the governmental sea of acronyms by performing compliance audits tailored to your business type and size.  If required, Signet will also provide recommendations for correction as well as furnish staff for implementation.

Signet stands ready to assist you in all such matters.

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Human Resource Training & Certification Preparation

Whether you’re a seasoned Human Resource professional or new to the field, the ever-evolving arena of Human Resources requires an increasingly expansive level of knowledge and skill.

For those just entering HR, HR professionals looking for a refresher, or managers wanting to be well-versed in the HR discipline, Signet offers the Human Resource Certification Institute’s Essentials of Human Resources course, which provides a thorough foundation regarding the many aspects of the Human Resource function.   In addition to publicly offered courses, we provide “in-house” training to facilitate educating your general management and human resources personnel in effective employee management.

For the HR professional seeking to attain the next level, Signet is the only consulting firm in South Carolina that is an Approved Provider with the HRCI to offer the SHRM Certification Preparation Course.  Prepare for the Society of Human Resource Management PHR® or SPHR™ exam and gain a comprehensive review of the entire body of HR knowledge. Using the SHRM Learning System™, this course helps you highlight areas you may need to study further for the PHR or SPHR exam. Periodic progress checks and homework exercises include sample questions to reinforce classroom sessions and topics that may appear on the certification exam.

Contact us to discuss your in-house training needs or CLICK HERE to view our current training offerings.

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International Employee Transition

New content coming soon!

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Change in company ownership has a deep effect on employees.  Signet can work with the acquisition/transition team to strategize employee needs and communications in the event of a merger or acquisition.  We are available to assist employers through the Due Diligence process to uncover discrepancies in employment practices or governmental compliance.  We investigate thoroughly the employment practices and benefits of both parties and recommend solutions to ease the transition that, properly handled, proves invaluable in retaining key employees.

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Seminars & Workshops

Signet provides employers and organizations with the following seminars and workshops in the employment arena.  Our courses are customized to meet the needs of the specific client and may be held at the client’s facility or at our Signet offices.

Interviewing and Hiring-  This workshop discusses the importance of having an effective recruiting procedure and includes training in employment laws, interviewing, and selection techniques.

Leadership and Supervisory Skills- A set of workshops and seminars designed to cover the essentials for frontline and midlevel management, including performance appraisals, progressive discipline, terminations, motivating and challenging employees, communication skills, time management and more!

Diversity- How can we not only ACCEPT and ENCOURAGE diversity in our organization, but also USE IT TO MAKE US STRONGER?

Motivating the Multigenerational Workforce-  Many organizations now have four generations working together, each with separate motivators and goals.  How can we tap into these differences to help our organization thrive?

Discipline and Termination- This seminar discusses the legal pitfalls that often face employers as they deal with problem employees.  Attendees are instructed in applicable labor laws and learn how to discipline and discharge employees with respect, often reducing the chances of potential litigation.

Workplace Safety- This seminar examines the importance of safety, basic regulatory requirements and the role of government.

Workplace Violence- Workplace violence is the #1 cause of death of women in the workplace; #3 cause of death in men.  This course discusses workplace violence, its causes and prevention, and effective conflict management.

Harassment- Our training includes a discussion of all types of discrimination as protected through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. The majority of our training session, however, focuses on sexual harassment as sexual discrimination is often the most misunderstood of all of the prohibited offenses in this arena. Courts have ruled that organizations who conduct proper harassment training have a better defense in the event of litigation than organizations that do not.

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Consultant Information

Taken as a whole, Signet consultants bring decades of multi-industry HR experience, ranging from public to private sector, manufacturing to services.

In addition, each consultant has earned certification in the Human Resources field.  The certification, awarded by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), signifies that your personal consultant possesses the theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management necessary to pass a rigorous examination demonstrating a mastery of the body of knowledge in the field.

As such, our consultants are certified professionals, bringing the knowledge and skill necessary to resolve your specific issues or make your project as successful as possible.

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